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Beechwood Sports Afternoon!

Dear Parent/Carer

We are delighted to announce the dates for this year’s Beechwood Sports Afternoon! In a change to previous years, this time we will be holding two events, as below:

Lower School Sports Afternoon (Year 3 and 4) will be on Tuesday 10th July 1:20 pm.
Upper School Sports Afternoon (Year 5 and 6) will be on Monday 25th June 1:20 pm.

The events will be held on the playground and we would ask that you kindly arrive at 1:10 pm. If the weather is not suitable and we have to cancel, we will advise you by text and we will re-arrange for another day. (Please let us know if your mobile number has changed!)

There will be a few changes to how the Sports Afternoons are held this year. On arrival please find your child’s class area. Every child will be in their Beechwood House and each House will compete against each other.

The children should come to school on the day in their usual school uniform with full PE kit already here and ready to change into in the afternoon. Your child should wear their house PE T-shirt; Riverside is blue, Victoria is green, Mayflower is red, Itchen is yellow, Hoglands is orange and Hinkler is purple. They will not be permitted to wear inappropriate clothing e.g. football kit. Additional items they may have are a suitable hat and a small plastic water bottle that has water only in it. Water is the best liquid to prevent dehydration in sporting situations. Children may wear sun cream but this must be applied before school or by the child themselves.

Sports day is always a good opportunity to see the classes and houses working together and supporting each other. The children have been working with a growth mindset towards their PBs in outdoor PE since Easter. We would encourage you to attend and show your support not only for your own child’s team but for all the teams involved.

We hope to see you there!

Mrs Marsh


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