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Growth Mindset Workshop for Parents 1st May

Growth Mindset Workshop for Parents
Tuesday 1st May 5:30pm
Learn how to help your child develop a Growth Mindset

Many Years of research has shown that people with a growth mindset are more successful than those with a fixed mindset. Studies of people who have risen to the top of their chosen field, whether it is in science, business, sport or the arts, have found that they all have something in common. That is the ability to keep going when things get tough and to treat mistakes not as a failure but an opportunity to learn.

In school, we do a lot of work with the children to encourage growth mindset thinking. However, as parents, you are really well placed to make a huge difference to how successful your child will become. It doesn’t cost any money and it doesn’t take any extra time it is all about how you respond to what your child says or does.

Please come along to find out about how you can help your child develop a growth mindset approach to everything they do. Even if you feel that your child is currently doing fine; it is often the children who are achieving the highest who struggle most with developing a growth mindset. At some point all children face a challenge – something they find really hard and it is how they respond at that point which shines a light on how successful they are likely to be in the long run.

If you would like to book a place at the workshop please fill in the slip below and return it to the school office.

Yours faithfully

Jill Gardner
Deputy Head – jillgardner@beechwoodjuniorschool.co.uk

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