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Half term fun!

Hi everybody,

I thought I would let you know what I’ve been doing in the last month or so… there’s lots to tell!

So, firstly, we went on holiday to the Cotswolds which was lots of fun! Firstly, because I was allowed to go all over the house we were staying in whereas at home, the only time I am allowed upstairs is when I need to have a shower! Apparently, Diesel (my cat brother) doesn’t seem to like it when I steal his food from the hallway… but on holiday, I jumped up in armchairs and I even jumped up on to the bed a few times when Mrs Cotton wasn’t looking! We also did lots of walking and I did lots of playing in the river which was great!

I also went to a BBQ at my cousin Yogi’s house which was really good as I managed to steal a burger in a bun off of someone’s plate – I did get very told off and I accidentally dropped the burger so I only actually got to eat the bread but it was still SO delicious! This is Yogi and I after we had been playing – I was very tired as he’s quite fast and then he likes to bite me on the bum if I’m not going fast enough; he’s only young so he hasn’t learnt his manners yet but then Mrs Cotton said I haven’t learnt mine either as I was stealing off of someone’s plate… I don’t know, these humans have lots of rules if you ask me!

We went to the beach down at Lepe so I went swimming again but I get a bit scared in the sea! What if it isn’t seaweed tickling my toes?

Finally, Mrs Cotton’s mum came to visit as she lives in Bulgaria. She bought me lots of presents including this hat and scarf set – I’m not sure what temperature she thinks it is in June but they seemed to want me to wear it…

At least I got some yoghurt as a result!

Mrs Cotton said that everybody enjoyed the video she made of me so I asked her to make another short one for you to see:

I’ll catch you all soon, I’m off to relax! 



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