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I’m going on holiday…well, soon I am!

Hi everybody, did you like my video that Mrs Cotton made? I’m busy doing lots of daft and cute things so that she can make another one soon so watch this space.

Anyway, I wanted to write today to let you know some exciting news that Mrs Cotton has just told me: I’m going on holiday for Easter! I’m off to Cornwall for 6 days and 7 nights and I can’t wait. I don’t actually know where Cornwall is but I think it sounds a whole lot of fun! Mrs Cotton has told me lots about it and here are my favourite sounding things:

1 – There are a lot of beaches! We all know how much I love swimming and getting soaking wet so I can’t wait. Apparently some beaches are closed to dogs but surely they wouldn’t notice a little ginger cockapoo, would they?

2 – There’s a hot tub! Again, we all know how much I love water but Mrs Cotton said this is for humans only… I wonder if I can sneak in it when she’s busy making a cup of tea (this happens lot btw), what do you think?

3 – There’s a big garden to play in and there might even be some other dogs there for me to make friends with. Let’s face it, humans are great but they don’t play as well as dogs do plus they seem to get a bit funny when I sniff their bums to say hi.

4 – There are lots of pubs for me to explore! I like going to pubs and seeing if anybody has left any food on the floor so here’s hoping…

I better go now as I need to conserve my energy before my big trip:

I’ll catch you later, Winston 



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