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RWI tea party!

I couldn’t believe my luck: last week, I received an invitation to a very special event….the RWI tea party! It turns out that the children in Mrs Quinn’s RWI group have been learning all about parties and invitation writing through a book called Jade’s party so they decided to hold a party and invite me along to celebrate! I couldn’t wait so of course I replied yes to the invite!

The main event was yesterday so I made sure I had a bath on Sunday (it was a little bit overdue anyway – I have been perfecting my swimming skills as we have had so much rain!) and I made sure my hair had been brushed in the morning. Mrs Cotton insisted that I wear a bow tie and a shirt, she still doesn’t seem to understand that DOGS DON’T WEAR CLOTHES! She also insisted that she should come along to the party, even though she wasn’t technically invited but I thought I would let her come as she might have had some extra special treats – turns out she did!

We arrived and the room looked fabulous! The children had done a marvellous job of decorating it with balloons and there was food – I LOVE food! Carrots, raspberries, sandwiches and lots of things adorned the tables as well as some lovely looking snacks that I had to look at but not touch like popcorn, grapes and chocolate fingers.

Before we ate, I showed off a little (I loved doing this as I got some of those special treats I mentioned earlier), we listened to some music and for the first time ever, the children read to me! I loved hearing them read and I am really hoping that they let me come and hear them read again soon. Nobody has ever read to me before, not even a bedtime story!

Then, after all of the excitement, we had some food and relaxed – it turns out that partying is quite tiring! I’ll catch you later, after my nap, Winston 



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