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Here at Beechwood Buddies we aim to support and care for children during after school hours. As the children who attend Buddies are from different year groups, we encourage them to have a happy and sociable time together. 


Buddies Leader Miss Neela Begum strives to make sure the children are taken care of, having a fun Beechwood Buddies experience but also makes sure the Beechwood School rules are followed at all times! Along with Miss Begum is Buddies Assistant Maria Seagrave who provides the after school club with fresh, delicious and healthy snacks and meals on a daily basis.

Activities include: Dodgeball, Dodge IT, Basketball, Adventure playground time and Red Rover.

Meals include: Snacks (biscuits, crackers and cheese, fresh fruit and vegetable salad spread)

Dinner (Pitta pizza, Soup and bread, homemade pasta bake, fish fingers and spaghetti)

... everyone from different year groups comes together and plays together  - Isabelle

... the thing I enjoy about Buddies is that we have good rules!  - Aleksandra

... we do different activities every day.- Julia

... I LOVE the good food! - Catherine


Contact details:

Telephone number - 02380332492
email - beechwoodbuddies@beechwoodjuniorschool.co.uk
or neelabegum@beechwoodjuniorschool.co.uk

Full Session - 3.10pm till 6.20pm (£8.50)
Half session - 3.10 till 4.30pm (£3.00)
Only half hour session - 4.00-4.30 (£1)
After club sessions - 4pm till 6.20 (£6.50)