The Scent of a Killer

By Johnny A – H.


Dear Reader,

This is my story about WWII. For me it was by far the roughest six years of my life, the story explains how all Jews felt during this time. No matter people’s religion, skin colour, gender; no matter who you are everyone should be respected.

I’m Molly, your typical German Shepperd. Chases balls, chases cats and surprisingly, for a dog, likes cheese. I was found on the streets of Berlin by a lovely Jewish family. I was taken in, raised and loved by a special boy called Max. It was going well until a tremendous war broke out in 1939, we all spent our days in a small, dark, gloomy room.

Chapter 1 – The loose floorboard

In 1944 we had word from the Plucktons (the family we were living with at the time), that we were going to be heavily bombed by Russia and we would have little defence because the majority of the German army were invading Stalingrad, near the Moscow border. Also, today was inspection day, the day of the month when I needed to protect my family from the Gestapo bullies. Around 1pm that day, there was a loud knock at the door. It was loud enough to intimidate a lion. Mum and Dad made me and Max hide under a loose floorboard. Mum explained that these people were dangerous and if anyone was going to be hurt, it should be them. This was a disaster I needed to protect my – ‘Creak’ the door sounded as it opened. I smelt the distinctive smell of a laboratory. This was followed by screams of pain and all there was to be seen was a trickle of blood that made its way through the floorboards and onto my nose. It was hard for Max as he just witnessed his parents killed in front of his eyes. It was hard for me too, seeing him this way. Revenge was the only answer.

Chapter 2 – Kick out

Several months past, stuck in a ramshackle room. After staying there for two months the Plucktons kindly asked us to move, as they didn’t want to be involved in this anymore. They said that the only safe place would be the Nalibolic Forest. They had heard that many Jews were living there and so we would be in good company and safe. The Plucktons helped us to pack and offered to give us their food but we declined because they were already low on rations. So, it was from then on, we took a roll of the dice.

Chapter 3 – Stowaway

We had been in the Nalibolic Forest for about three months now and word had spread about a ship heading to New Zealand. The ship was leaving in a week’s time from Amsterdam. This was going to be golden as Max had a grandmother there. We arrived at the docks on Wednesday morning, a couple of hours before the ship sailed. We snuck into the boiler room, but it was not easy, we almost got caught twice. Max, I thought, now we’re back in the game.

Chapter 4 – Strangest Smell

The strangest thing was when we were sneaking onto the ship, there was an extremely distinctive smell breezing through the air. This smell wasn’t a stranger to me. It was familiar. We quickly settled into the boiler room, as we thought this would be the best place to stowaway unseen for the rest of the voyage.

Finally, the ship set sail, and we quickly came to know all the names of the workers in the boiler room; Tim, Dwayne, Dave and Bradley. They kept us alive, by bringing us food and blankets on the journey. They also kept our secret.

Chapter 5 – Antelope in the headlights

We were making good progress, but Max realised, he didn’t know where we were going. We had absolutely no idea where Grandmother Eve lived, as far as we knew she could be living on the other side of New Zealand. We realised that this was a disaster, looks like…. Suddenly there was that strange but familiar smell. It stopped me in my tracks. It was much stronger this time, quickly I realised it was the same smell I’d smelt the day that Mum and Dad were murdered! I dashed off towards the scent, leaving Max frazzled with shock; staring at me like an antelope in the headlights. I was spotted by many guards, but they couldn’t stop me. I was the fastest breed of dog in the world and I was going to use this to my advantage. The smell was burning my nostrils. I could tell I was getting closer. I had found the core of the scent; it was none other than Mr. Schmitz – the man who had murdered our parents.

Chapter 6 – Just Desserts

Eventually, Max and the guards finally caught up to me and the murderer. One of the guards said, “Oh it’s you”, to the man. Mr. Schmitz tried to run but our boiler room friends blocked his path. “Trying to run now because you lost the War. You’ve killed 1000 Jews”, said Dwayne, before handing him over to the Captain. I felt heroic that day. A couple of hours later Max and I were pulled back down to earth when we heard from a crew member who was coincidentally, one of Grandmother Eve’s old friends; she had died in 1943, in a freak earthquake accident. Max was crying before we went to bed, but I stayed up and around 11.30pm our boiler room friends were having a discussion. I didn’t much care or listen and went back to bed. When we arrived in New Zealand, we were penniless, clueless, and depressed. But let’s just say within a years’ time Max and I were living in a decent house, with a sweet man, who used to work in a ship’s boiler room and now is a cheesemaker.

The End




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