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Rock Challenge celebration Wednesday 3rd April

Dear Rock Challenge Parent We are planning a Rock Challenge celebration to give the team one last chance to get together and all wear their T-shirts. It will be after school on Wednesday 3rd April until 4pm. Rock Challenge Parents are invited to join us in the hall. We will be looking at some of the photos from the day and we will be
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Breakfast Club News

Opening Marvelous Me PDFs

Tesco School Uniform Embroidery Service will close on 12 February 2019.

Year 4 Trip to River Itchen – 21st March 2019

Advice on Childhood Illnesses

Consultations for admissions policy for 2020

Beechwood Junior School is now consulting on their admissions policy for 2020. If you have any comments on the policy please email them to the school’s admissions consultant, Mrs Jo Glenton, at the following email address: info@jgconsultancyservice.co.uk. Alternatively, you can send your comments into the school office marked for the attention of Mrs Jo Glenton. The consultation will close on 31st January 2019.

Rock Challenge Update

Dear Rock Challenge Parent You may have seen that The Daily Echo is running a story saying that Rock Challenge has been cancelled. I think it is good news that the Echo are getting involved to raise the profile of the problem however they have no more information than we have, which I explained to you in my last email. The producers of the
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Years 5 and 6 Residential to London Monday 3rd June -Friday 7th June 2019

Dear Parent/Carer, Years 5 Monday 3rd June -Friday 7th June 2019and 6 Residential to London We are arranging an exciting residential visit for Year 5 and 6 children for next year. We are able to offer 48 children the opportunity to go on a residential visit to London. We have run this trip in previous years and as well as being lots of fun,
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Beechwood ‘bob-a-job’ week

Dear Parent, We need to raise an additional £2000 for Rock Challenge to cover the cost of costumes, make-up and set. Last time we did Rock Challenge one of the parents came up with the idea of having a Beechwood ‘bob-a-job’ week over half term where the children could, for a small fee, do a range of jobs around the house for you or
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