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The Scent of a Killer By Johnny A – H. Introduction Dear Reader, This is my story about WWII. For me it was by far the roughest six years of my life, the story explains how all Jews felt during this time. No matter people’s religion, skin colour, gender; no matter who you are everyone should be respected. I’m Molly, your typical German Shepperd.
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On Saturday two Beechwood pupils planned a walk to help raise money for Harlee’s family. They walked from Riverside park and followed the Itchen navigation path. They managed to walk all the way to Winchester and back to Shawford which is 15 miles! We don’t know how much they raised as they linked it to the Go Fund Me page. As they walked they
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Chloe’s letter to year 2

Poem by Dylan

Corona timeline poem On the 20th March 2020, our school came to an end Now we don’t know when to attend I miss my teachers, I miss my friends So when will I ever see them again? It was strange at first having parents as teachers Learning at home was a key feature In science, I was learning about creatures Now my mum and
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  Online work by Xavier featuring Tom (sonic) – click on the PDFs of homework to have a look: Hedgehogs Australia Rebeka B Russia fact file

Jess’ writing project, along with her PSHE work!

Jacob in Year 4 pens a Rap!

Covid-19 Covid-19 is such a bad thing I had to stay at home I felt so alone. I just wanted to see my friends I want it all to end. I wish I had a drone so I can fly it all around, I’d fly it over my friend’s house just to see them again. I miss my teachers, I miss my school, I
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Maddie has just sent through this poem about life during lockdown

Flic’s Lockdown Rap! Started off in lockdown doing my lego challenge, with no school to go to had to keep busy, I did a bit of baking made a chilli too, practiced my cartwheels got me feeling dizzy, Easter at home with my little sister, eggs in the garden, eggs in the tree racing up and down tryna find some chocolate, filled up my
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Thomas A. has created new music on Band Lab.

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