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Beechwood ‘bob-a-job’ week

Dear Parent,

We need to raise an additional £2000 for Rock Challenge to cover the cost of costumes, make-up and set. Last time we did Rock Challenge one of the parents came up with the idea of having a Beechwood ‘bob-a-job’ week over half term where the children could, for a small fee, do a range of jobs around the house for you or family or friends. (For example 50p for making their beds every day or 20p for doing the washing up or £1 for washing the car.)

Please, can they bring their earnings into school the week after half term. There will be a prize the child who manages to earn the most money.

After half term, I will be contacting you again to set up a working party to organise some additional fundraising events and to get a group of people together to work on costumes.

I hope you enjoy having a great little helper for the week.

Many thanks

Jill Gardner
Deputy Head

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