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Beechwood Home School Agreement during Covid-19 pandemic

Beechwood Junior Home School Agreement

for school during the Covid-19 pandemic

The school will:

·         Remind staff to comply with social distancing guidance outside of school

·         Stay alert for any pupils demonstrating symptoms of the virus and isolate these pupils and send them home as soon as symptoms are identified

·         Limit the number of pupils allowed into the school to a number deemed safe by the school to comply with government guidance

·         Ensure social distancing where possible between the school and the outside environment, by for example:

o   staggering pupil arrival and collection times to minimise contact between parents and pupils

o   taking the temperature of each pupil as they enter the school, sending home any pupils with a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius.

o   restricting access to the school to all visitors apart from essential services

o   restricting pupils from bringing any items into school apart from their personal clothing and food

·         Establish social distancing measures within classroom groups by organising pupils and staff into working ‘bubbles’ of 10 pupils, wherever possible:

o   ensuring there is no mixing of pupils or staff between bubbles

o   spacing pupils at separate desks within classrooms

o   restricting physical contact between pupils and staff within each ‘bubble’

o   reducing sharing of resources by providing each pupil with their own personal equipment for use only by them

·         Put in place appropriate social distancing measures throughout the wider school environment, including for example:

o   implementing a one-way system around the school

o   marking out 2-metre spaces in all corridors and other spaces where queuing might occur

o   prohibiting access to some areas of the school, including the library and dining hall

o   establishing a rota for use of shared areas within the school, including toilets and play areas

o   establish timetabled break-times and zoned outdoor areas to restrict contact between different ‘bubbles’

·         Reinforce safe hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene at all times for pupils and staff, by for example:

o   providing soap and hand sanitiser for use by pupils throughout the school

o   instructing  pupils and providing regular reminders on effective hand washing

o   ensuring pupils and staff wash hands regularly throughout the day, including supervising pupils’ handwashing at key moments during the day

such as entry to and from the school, prior to eating, etc.

·         Provide effective cleaning of the school environment and equipment, including for example:

o   providing cleaning equipment and supplies for teachers’ use in all classrooms

o   following cleaning routines to regularly clean and disinfect the school premises throughout the day, especially shared areas such as toilets

o   ensuring shared resources are cleaned at least once a day

o   ensuring the school is deep cleaned each week

·         Limit opportunities for contact through food sharing or food preparation, for example by:

o   requiring pupils to bring in their own food from home

o   prohibiting sharing of food or drink by pupils and staff

o   ensuring social distancing during meal times, for example by ensuring pupils eat their lunches within their classroom or their playground ‘zone’

o   providing toast/bagels free of charge at break time under supervised conditions

·         Ensure the school is well ventilated by, whenever possible, keeping windows and doors open and encouraging outdoor learning

·         Regularly review risk assessments, taking account the changing situation relating to the coronavirus and subsequent emerging government guidance

·         Inform parents of any new changes in guidance for schools

·         Ensure learning focuses on pupils’ health and well-being, PSHE, English and maths

·         Ensure pupils are aware of their own responsibilities to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene by providing clear instruction, guidance and reminders

Parents will:

·         Comply with government guidance on social distancing for themselves and their children outside of school in order to minimize the risk to the health and wellbeing of other pupils and staff

·         Inform the school immediately if they or anybody else in their household have any coronavirus symptoms. Under these circumstances, they should not bring their child into school and should arrange for their child to be tested for the virus

·         Inform the school in advance if they are not bringing their child to school for any other reason

·         Ensure the school has up-to-date emergency contact numbers for their child

·         Make contact with the school either via email or phone rather than face-to-face meetings

·         Make payments on-line and not use cash

·         Arrive at drop off and collect their children from school at the times allocated to them.

·         Leave the school site promptly, not stopping to chat to other parents

·         Ensure their child only brings a packed lunch and water bottle to school

·         Ensure mobile phones or any other personal items part from food, water and clothing are not bought into school

·         Ensure their child comes to school in clean clothes every day

·         Practice hand hygiene rules at home

·         Discuss the ‘pupils will….’ section below before pupils come to school

Please note that, if it comes to our attention that social distancing requirements are not being followed, your child will not be able to attend school for 14 days. 

Pupils will:

·         Stay two metres (3 big steps) away from other children as much as possible

·         Not touch other people

·         Not touch other people’s things

·         Only bring their packed lunch and water bottle to school and not share these with any other pupils

·         Wash their hands when they arrive at school, before and after they eat, after they have been to the toilet and whenever the adult tells them to

·         Wash their hands carefully with soap for 20 seconds (2 happy birthdays)

·         Cough or sneeze into their arm

·         Only play with the equipment they are told they can

·         Only use the equipment in their zippy wallet

·         Stay where the teacher tells them to in the playground

·         Walk around the school in single file, following the routes shown to them by their teacher

·         Follow our school behaviour policy

Schools will endeavour to ensure that the school environment is as safe as it can be. Extra measures will be taken to ensure regular hand washing, sanitising, cleaning and social distancing (where possible). Please note that whilst we will do our utmost to provide a safe environment and follow government guidance, we can only do so to our best endeavours and knowledge of the Covid-19 virus.

Home school agreement – revised


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