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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I thought I would do you an update to tell you everything I have been doing lately – I have been very busy!

Did anybody tell you that about two weeks ago, I became a model?! I had to wear lots of different clothes and pose whilst Mr Marsh took lots of photos of me with his fancy camera. I loved it and I didn’t even care if I looked silly; I was getting liver cake after all! I’ve heard that the pictures are being used for a calendar to raise money for the school so that’s good – maybe I’ll get more treats if they sell lots… Here are some pictures from when Mrs Cotton got me to practise having my picture taken. If you want to see the real thing, you’ll have to give the office £7 and then you can have your own calendar of me on your wall!!!

20161120_090836 20161120_155804 20161120_15585720161121_152440

I have also decided that I really like autumn because there are SO many leaves to play with! I tried to help Mrs Cotton when she was tidying them up in the garden but she seemed a little ungrateful, I don’t know why.

20161115_180017 20161115_180049

Alina in 4A has been really kind and wrote a story all about me (my favourite kind) and she bought me a very smart collar which Mrs Cotton said I might wear on Christmas day – do you like it?


I also got a really lovely card from Talullah and Aleksandra 🙂 I was hoping they might have given it to Mrs Marsh and I could have had a dip in the treasure chest but they gave it to Mrs Cotton who has it on his office wall.

20161125_135503 20161125_135510

Last weekend I was really spoilt and had lots of walks!! On the Saturday I went to the forest with 12 of my friends and we walked for 2 hours. I got very muddy and wet – it was BRILLIANT! Then on the Sunday, I went for a lovely walk with Mrs Antrobus and her dog Izzy. We went to Itchen Valley and I found the muddy puddles again. I think finding mud and puddles in a dry field is quite a skill but Mrs Cotton doesn’t seem to appreciate my skill…

20161126_135145 20161126_143224 20161126_143559_001 20161127_110604 20161127_111549

As well as getting presents, cards and walks, I have started to get Christmas presents!! I don’t really know what Christmas is all about but so far it seems like I have to wear a funny jumper, eat brussel sprouts and get given things: excellent! I have a wrapped up present from Mrs and Mr Marsh but Mrs Cotton says I can’t open it until Christmas day so I will have to wait and see what is inside… Mrs Weet also gave me a present which was some really lovely treats! I’ve been allowed to eat them when I am good so I have to be good to keep Mrs Cotton happy.

20161201_174608 20161201_174615

Anyway, I better go as I’ve got Planet Earth II to watch and it’s my favourite programme!

20161113_202538 20161113_202540

Catch you later humans, Winston x





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