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Blooming Beechwood – Worms and Woodlice

Dear parents and supporters,
Blooming Beechwood  –  Worms and Woodlice

The Gardening Club is entering the Southampton in Bloom for Schools competition this June. The newly- active club is looking for Beechwood community involvement. Our aims are:

  • ‘Prettifying’ our school.
  • Encouraging children to have fun with gardening in an environmentally sound way.

The children have been excitedly working on our competition entry for several months now – weeding, planting and nurturing all sorts of gorgeous green goodies in an environmentally sound way. They’ve also found at least 65 woodlice and 34 luscious worms!

You can get involved by:

  • Donating surplus plants for the children to nurture and plant out or sell for club funds.
  • Sending in large empty yoghurt pots for the children to fill with plants to create a unique display. If we collect enough of these then every child will be able to plant something for the competition.
  • ‘Saving’ any interesting large containers that could be turned into planters. We’ve already recycled an old pond liner, an unused water tank, abandoned lunch boxes, a mini set of shelves (a wonderful herb planter) as well as scores of bottles to act as water reservoirs.
  • Donate some garden storage – we’d love one of those plastic garden cupboards to keep our tools and seeds safe and tidy or even some stacking lidded boxes.
  • Perhaps you could donate a very large wooden planter to go near the entrance.

Coming soon: details of our recycled container planting competition. You could start now by looking out for an original container to fill with red and yellow plants of any kind.

Please send any ideas, offers and questions via the office in writing or email. They will forward them to myself (Mrs Quinn) or Mrs Burgess.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Quinn and Mrs Burgess


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