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Bonnies view of lockdown and how to survive it!


Everyone is experiencing this coronavirus outbreak some people are even in small places and we should be thankful for everyone trying hard to bring this to an end but this is something to tell you about some of my experiences during this crisis. Thank you to all for staying at home and the NHS workers helping us get through this.

I have had a few wobbles through these times, but it makes me realise how much I have really got, my parents, my sister, my house and my toys.  If you are looking for something to do take a look at this guide it is about all my experiences and all the things I’ve done to get me through. The skills I have improved on whilst being at home, the importance of my family and friends and keeping in touch with them or getting some exercise with the family.

  1. How nature is helping me – If you have a garden or nearby park that your parents would go to with you or if you’re old enough by yourself, you could social distant and go get some fresh air. Going to the park is nice even if there is no one in it. Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have your own garden so go out and play in your garden with siblings and parents.  I have spent a lot of time in my garden, helping my parents make it look nice, building a pond, some new steps and planting lots of new things.  Spending time in the garden makes me feel happy, grateful and very lucky.
  1. How exercise is helping me – You might not be able to go to the gym right now or go to an exercise club. However, running or walking in the morning is perfect because it is quiet and there are not many people about. Going for a run or a long walk gives you an extra bit of fitness which is very much needed.
  1. How rare sounds are helping me – I have found new sounds I never knew were there, try to find 10 new sounds you have not heard as much before lockdown and try to identify what the sounds are. I have realised that there are less car and truck noises because businesses with big trucks have been shut down because of coronavirus.  What I have noticed is the sound of people happily working in their gardens, planting new plants and making them look exceptional.
  1. How neighbours are helping me – My family go food shopping for my grandparents and neighbours. Maybe you should try asking a neighbour or a friend if they need help with any food shopping. Some neighbours may have illnesses or have symptoms preventing them from going out, you could ask them if they need any help with anything.  Even just talking to neighbours can be helpful to them and to you, especially people who are living by themselves.  When you do something helpful for someone it will make you feel good inside.
  1. How friends and family are helping me – Facetiming is very important in these times because you have got to stay in touch with your family and friends especially if you’re close to them. If you have not got a phone or computer maybe you can walk to see a nearby friend or see a family member that lives in your neighbourhood.
  1. How the NHS is helping me – The NHS are a big part of this they have helped lots of people and have risked their lives to save others. They are very important people who are being celebrated by displays of rainbows in windows and the 10 weeks of clapping for NHS but it was definitely worth it to show our appreciation.
  1. How school work is helping me – School work is quite hard and fun. For some people it is hard because of their environment like you might be in a flat and it is quite loud and you can’t concentrate especially for GCSEs students. Maths is probably the hardest for me but it might be reading for you. It is important to keep trying and to improve at the subject your least good at
  1. How teachers are helping me – They have given me lots of positive comments about me and my work they are very helpful if I need help. If you have any questions about school and the work, you should try to talk to your teachers about it. It is very important you do look at the work and messages the teachers have sent to you.
  1. How the weather is helping me – We are lucky that we have such good weather and if you have a garden you might as well make the most of it! Some people might not have gardens, but you can still go outside to the park or for a walk and make the most of that. The weather has made lockdown a sunny year.
  1. How others are helping me – they are helping me because if I feel sad or have any insecurities about lockdown I talk to my parents. Maybe you can talk to your parents or someone you trust with that information and maybe even your friends or siblings.  If you don’t have someone at home to talk to try talking to teachers if you’re worried about as I’m sure they will understand and help.
  1. How I am looking after my wellbeing – My happiness got me quite a way through this crisis and you should try to focus on what you are grateful for and that you are alive. What I focused on was all happy thoughts but it’s ok to have a few wobbles through these times. I also have realised how much the people of Britain have been very upset through the coronavirus but have been happy during face times and other seeing activities.

Thank you for taking the time to read my advice on this coronavirus outbreak and I hope people working to bring this to a stop know what a great job there doing.


Bonnie C.


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