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I know I’m a bit late but Yappy New Year!

Rock Challenge Update

Dear Rock Challenge Parent You may have seen that The Daily Echo is running a story saying that Rock Challenge has been cancelled. I think it is good news that the Echo are getting involved to raise the profile of the problem however they have no more information than we have, which I explained to you in my last email. The producers of the
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There’s nothing better than a good book on a Wednesday morning!

I love books and I love reading! There, I’ve said it! You might think it’s unusual for a dog to enjoy reading (and to be honest, I’m not very good at it yet) but I really do love the wonderful adventures hidden inside a good book. I especially love being read to so I couldn’t believe my luck this week when I was lucky
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Lounging on the sofa, running through the forest and playing with all my friends…where did the summer holidays go?!

Welcome back to school!! I had such a wonderful summer holidays and I hope you all did too! I am a bit sad though as gone are my lazy mornings and 2 hour walks in the New Forest – I’m so tired now that I’m up early and back at school every day, how about you? What did you do in the holidays? Did
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My Golden Time Club Movie!

Here’s a video to show you exactly what I get up to in my golden time club – don’t worry, no Year 6s were harmed in the making of it! Winston  

I am one hot dog!

I am sure you will agree that these last few weeks have been absolutely boiling! To start with, I really liked it but then it started to get a little too hot – have you ever tried wearing a fur coat and sitting in the oven?! That’s what it feels like for me! Plus, when it’s too hot, Mrs Cotton says I can’t go
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Yappy New Year!

Where did Christmas go? I don’t know about you but to me it feels like Christmas was a long time ago! I have been so busy getting back into the swing of things that I forgot to tell you what I got up to over Christmas… I got lots of Christmas cards – thank you if you sent me one! I went to the
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Beechwood Junior School 999 Club on Meridian News

Beechwood Junior School Y4 pupils visited Southampton General A & E department as part of their familiarisation of what happens in the A & E department. And it so happens that on this particular day Meridian News was filming. Please navigate to the bottom of the Kids Zone page to view the Meridian News Article that was aired on the 19th of December 2017.

It’s getting cold out so I better wrap up!

As it’s nearly December, Mrs Cotton has said it’s getting cold and I should wrap up warm. So she has tried various outfits for me to wear, which is your favourite? Personally, I don’t really like the final one but Mrs Cotton seemed to find that one the funniest so I think that is her favourite. She did mention something about a Christmas outfit
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My latest adventures!

Just a quick blog to let you know what I have been up to… where should I start? How about the most fun bit? Well, a couple of weeks ago Mrs Cotton went away for her birthday to a hotel and I got to go too!! Not only that, I got to lay on the bed and choose what I wanted to watch on
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