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Bonnies view of lockdown and how to survive it!

  Everyone is experiencing this coronavirus outbreak some people are even in small places and we should be thankful for everyone trying hard to bring this to an end but this is something to tell you about some of my experiences during this crisis. Thank you to all for staying at home and the NHS workers helping us get through this. I have had
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Lockdown 2020 By Summer and Poppy   Covid-19 is a deadly disease, It’s not the type that makes you sneeze. A cough, a temperature and struggling to breathe, It’s 2020’s biggest thief.  March 23rd, lockdown began. Visits were cancelled to Granddads and Nan’s. Lockdown began to take its toll, It started off with shops selling out of loo roll.  We all thanked key workers
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Poem by Dylan

Corona timeline poem On the 20th March 2020, our school came to an end Now we don’t know when to attend I miss my teachers, I miss my friends So when will I ever see them again? It was strange at first having parents as teachers Learning at home was a key feature In science, I was learning about creatures Now my mum and
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Jacob in Year 4 pens a Rap!

Covid-19 Covid-19 is such a bad thing I had to stay at home I felt so alone. I just wanted to see my friends I want it all to end. I wish I had a drone so I can fly it all around, I’d fly it over my friend’s house just to see them again. I miss my teachers, I miss my school, I
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Thomas A. has created new music on Band Lab.

A Lockdown Rap!

GS in Y4 reading her FIRE poem

Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100 word story

Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100-word story for a Young Writers Competition and now being put into a published book!

Harrison Writes a Fire Poem and Letter to Y3

Dear year 3 When I first moved up to year 4 I was nervous, but then I found out my teacher was really nice. For me, it helped that we were kept in the same class of children. When we started year 4 we did work to help us settle in, like writing a letter to our teacher about ourselves and what things we
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A Fire Poem

Fire Poem

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