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Poem by Dylan

Corona timeline poem On the 20th March 2020, our school came to an end Now we don’t know when to attend I miss my teachers, I miss my friends So when will I ever see them again? It was strange at first having parents as teachers Learning at home was a key feature In science, I was learning about creatures Now my mum and
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Jacob in Year 4 pens a Rap!

Covid-19 Covid-19 is such a bad thing I had to stay at home I felt so alone. I just wanted to see my friends I want it all to end. I wish I had a drone so I can fly it all around, I’d fly it over my friend’s house just to see them again. I miss my teachers, I miss my school, I
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Thomas A. has created new music on Band Lab.

A Lockdown Rap!

GS in Y4 reading her FIRE poem

Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100 word story

Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100-word story for a Young Writers Competition and now being put into a published book!

Harrison Writes a Fire Poem and Letter to Y3

Dear year 3 When I first moved up to year 4 I was nervous, but then I found out my teacher was really nice. For me, it helped that we were kept in the same class of children. When we started year 4 we did work to help us settle in, like writing a letter to our teacher about ourselves and what things we
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A Fire Poem

Fire Poem

A Fire Poem

Fire Poem

Letter from Oscar to Juliet

Dear Juliet, I am writing you a letter about joining Beechwood to make sure you enjoy it. I think you will have fun at Beechwood because there are so many things you will LOVE. I like Beechwood because there are two playgrounds, a sports court, two ping pong tables, and an adventure playground. Oh, and the best part is that they have artificial grass!
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