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Maria has been learning about Japan. She has learned about one of Japan’s most famous pieces of artwork called The Great Wave by Hokusai. She has drawn and painted this incredible version of the famous painting as her home learning. She has created a truly stunning piece of artwork and we are very proud of her.

Johny J. has done all of the last weeks studies.

Johny J. has done all of the last weeks studies and he also did some experiments Please Click on the links below: FLOATING PING-PONG BALLS EXPANDING GASES Poster-All-About-Russia

The Scent of a Killer By Johnny A – H. Introduction Dear Reader, This is my story about WWII. For me it was by far the roughest six years of my life, the story explains how all Jews felt during this time. No matter people’s religion, skin colour, gender; no matter who you are everyone should be respected. I’m Molly, your typical German Shepperd.
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  Online work by Xavier featuring Tom (sonic) – click on the PDFs of homework to have a look: Hedgehogs Australia Rebeka B Russia fact file

Jess’ writing project, along with her PSHE work!

Johny sent in his work on India

Johny is studying hard and is also looking forward to part 14 of the book! Interesting-Facts-About-India

Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100 word story

Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100-word story for a Young Writers Competition and now being put into a published book!

Inspired by India and connected to Victoria’s topic work. She is such a talented artist.


Guide to Tanzania!

Click this link to see a superb Guide to Tanzania with our very own special presenter!

Can you guess what animal these could have been from?

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