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Do you think we should have a 3 day weekend?

Click here to watch the video and see how convincing you think the argument is…

The Tyler Times and a Union Jack to support VE Day celebrations!

Victory in Europe!

Poem: The Train

Click here to read an interesting poem entitled: The train

What would your theme park look like?

Check out all of the calculations for how much tickets would need to be and how much advertising would cost…

A thank you cake!

Evolution and inheritance

Click here to find out all about evolution and inheritance in creative ways! 

Super science and topic!

Great examples of science/topic: Super science diagrams  Evolution 

Diary writing

Click here to read my diary – written by a Year 6 child

A poignant rap

Click here to read a poignant rap written by a Y6 child.

asda opening times

farmfoods near me

lcbo near me

scotiabank hours

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