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Elements of Learning

These are Beechwood’s Elements of Learning. Each half term the whole school focuses on one of the elements. We teach our children these vital skills so that they can apply them across the curriculum. This year we are giving a name to each of the characters.


They ‘give it a go’ and stick at a task even though it’s hard. Mistakes do not hold them back as they see it as a learning opportunity and something to fix. They can use a range of strategies if they get stuck on a task and enjoy practising a skill so that it is mastered.



These learners are able to work purposefully on their own because they have the skills and resources they need to complete a task.



They know what they are learning and what makes them successful with this. They always want to improve and use the purple pen to do this. They enjoy attempting the challenge and working towards their next steps.



These learners collaborate well with others learning from and with them. They can listen and talk clearly to others supporting and encouraging them. They are flexible enough to take on different roles in a team depending on what is needed to reach a goal.

Making Links

Making Links

These learners are able to talk about their learning making links between different lessons and subjects. They make links between what they are learning and what they already know from school or from home.


Planning Learning

They plan the order of their learning, mapping out the next steps needed to work towards a goal or outcome. They know what resources they will need and can evaluate their plan along the way.

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