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Harrison Writes a Fire Poem and Letter to Y3

Dear year 3

When I first moved up to year 4 I was nervous, but then I found out my teacher was really nice. For me, it helped that we were kept in the same class of children.
When we started year 4 we did work to help us settle in, like writing a letter to our teacher about ourselves and what things we liked.
Also, when I first started year 4, I thought the work was going to be insanely hard but it turned out to be only a little bit more difficult than in year 3.
One of the things I enjoyed in year 4, was that we got to do a Christmas show, I got to be my teacher Mr. Johnson which was really fun. All the topics in year 4 are fun. We learned about Greek’s and had Greek day where our parents came in and got to look at the work we did about Greek’s.
In year 4 you might get the chance to go to Avon Tyrrell. I really enjoyed going there so I would go if you get a chance.
Overall year 4 isn’t that much different to year 3. I hope you enjoy year 4 as much as I did.

Campfire Poem


Sitting around the campfire

chatting with my friends.

Watching the flames burn higher

as the night begins to end.

Like a beautiful sunset

the flame burns Red and Yellow

We can hear the fire crackling

as we enjoy its warm comfy glow.

We can smell the smoky air

it reminds us of cooking toast.

Now time for the best part of the night

watching the marshmallows as they roast.


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