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How-to: Refresh your Browser

You may have noticed that when you return to a website you’ve visited before, it loads a faster than it did when you first visited it.  This is because you browser stores a copy of the website on your computer.

The browser does this because it is a lot faster for your browser to load the website locally, opposed to downloading the website from the internet again.

Why do I need to hard refresh my browser cache?

Although storing pages to the browsers cache makes loading pages faster, it can mean that changes made to our website aren't always visible until you preform a hard refresh. A lot of our parents notice that when we make changes to our website, they cannot see the changes when they visit the site.

This is because parent's browsers have cached the previous visits version. In this situation, you would hard refresh your browser to clear the cache and download the new content. Preforming a hard refresh is easy and the commands vary depending on what browser and operating system you are using. Below is how ...


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