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I am one hot dog!

I am sure you will agree that these last few weeks have been absolutely boiling! To start with, I really liked it but then it started to get a little too hot – have you ever tried wearing a fur coat and sitting in the oven?! That’s what it feels like for me! Plus, when it’s too hot, Mrs Cotton says I can’t go out – I thought she knew me well enough by now to realise that wherever I am I will find some water to cool down in… or mud if it hasn’t all dried up! But it seems she doesn’t care about this – she keeps mentioning something called heatstroke and squirting me with the water spray!

I did manage to get out and about a bit before it got too hot so here are a couple of pictures and the video:

Swimming at Testwood Lakes

After my swim!

Waiting for the magic word… ‘ok’

Whoops, how did I end up here?!

Maybe this way I won’t have to go to school today….

Anyway, better go – there’s sleeping to be done! Catch you soon, Winston¬†¬†






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