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I know I’m a bit late but Yappy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! I certainly enjoyed myself, had a lovely break and even got up to some mischief…

We went away to the Cotswolds for Christmas and I loved it as we’ve been there before and I knew it meant two things: laying on the sofa and lots of swimming in the lakes! This time was a bit different though as we took my brother Diesel (the cat) with us which was fun – he didn’t go swimming though as cats and water don’t really mix well. He preferred to stay indoors in front of the fire but there was no way I was going to do that for the entire time…

I even got to open some presents including a squeeky sprout toy from 6BF – I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! 

Since we’ve been back to school, I have been busy popping into classes to make sure everyone is enjoying their learning and I have seen some great things including the games Year 5 made on the learnpads! I have also been making special visits to Year 3 to show them my tricks (they even tried out a few with me) and Mrs Cotton showed them different things you have to do to look after a dog like brushing their fur and brushing their teeth. This is the best part as she demonstrates and I get to have my one of my favourite things…coconut oil! Even though I knew she was trying to brush my teeth with it, I just licked the toothbrush and ate it which Year 3 seemed to find quite funny. I had a really good time showing off and I hope Year 3 enjoyed it too. 

I’ve also had some days off of school since we came back to let me have a break and relax – it’s a tough life being a school dog you know with all the different people and the different events going on. Sometimes I just need to be a dog, which you and I know means running around in the forest with my friends, eating horse poop and sleeping!! 

Anyway, catch you later….I’m off to write my valentines card to my dearest Pretty – I wonder whether she will write one back to me…. 




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