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Jacob in Year 4 pens a Rap!


Covid-19 is such a bad thing
I had to stay at home
I felt so alone.
I just wanted to see my friends
I want it all to end.
I wish I had a drone so I can fly it all around,
I’d fly it over my friend’s house just to see them again.
I miss my teachers, I miss my school,
I miss having a laugh at lunchtime in the hall.
We had to stay at home for weeks on end,
It was driving me crazy right round the bend.
We had to wash our hands so many times,
Boris Johnson told us to keep clean we had to sing ‘happy birthday’ three times!
The world went crazy, people started stocking up on food, pasta, toilet roll even the hand soap too.
I couldn’t see my family, I couldn’t see them all, it felt so horrible but what else could I do.
I had to do my school work at home instead,
my mum became my teacher, even to my little brother Fred.
The whole world was suffering,
There were so many deaths,
People lost their loved ones
It filled me with dread.
We had to keep our distance, we had to keep
our cool, no matter what happens we had to stick to the rules.
People lost their jobs, they couldn’t go to work,
England was on lockdown we just had to make it work.
It made me angry, it made me sad,
I’m only 9 years old but I had to try understand.
It’s been 12 weeks now, 84 days, I just want the world back to a safe and brighter day.
Slowly things are changing, Boris has lifted some rules, you can start meeting up with someone as long as you keep to the 2m rule.
Shops are beginning to open, hopefully, it won’t be too long,
Until I can get back to school and just carry on.
This nightmare will be over soon, and in years to come,
I can share my story of how it all went down, but guess what COVID-19 you won’t win this time round!

Written by Jacob.


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