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KoolSkool Fairtrade Cotton Uniforms

Fairtrade Cotton School Uniform

Our school will be introducing an ethical school uniform option made with Fairtrade Cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester, manufactured and supplied by Koolskools (see below).


  1. There is no difference in quality between Fairtrade cotton and normal cotton, but Fairtrade cotton farmers always receive a fair and sustainable payment for their crop. Their communities also receive a premium for projects such as building schools, hospitals, access to clean water and so on.
  1. Being “Fairtrade Cotton Certified” means that all parts of the manufacturing chain have been inspected and audited to ensure that practices such as child labour and enforced overtime/long working hours don’t exist.
  1. From 2019 all the polyester in Koolskools-manufactured garments will be GRS-certified, the highest recycled polyester clothing standard. The polyester will be post-consumer (eg recycled plastic bottles etc) recycled, lending the garments the strongest of planet-friendly credentials.


  1. Based in Southampton, over the past 10 years Koolskools have built an internationally renowned ethical clothing company, and work with schools all over the UK.
  1. Koolskools is the only school uniform provider in the UK offering a complete range of garments made with Fairtrade cotton and recycled polyester. Our research has proved that they offer quality, value-for-money garments that are double stitched, easy iron and durable.
  1. Koolskools also work with schools all over the UK offering presentations to children of all ages about ethical and fair trading. The idea is that if the school embraces school uniform made with Fairtrade cotton, then our students are given the opportunity to learn all about the ethical trading story behind it.



In Shirley, from the Koolskools retail outlet at 387 Shirley Rd, Southampton SO15 3TS. Tel: 02380-771839.       

Or Online:

Go to the Beechwood Junior link – https://bit.ly/35X5ovd – on the Koolskools website and place your order. There is a flat delivery charge of £3.95.

Orders take a maximum of 10 working days to turn around (15 working days between June and September), from the date of order placement.

A “click and collect” option will be available on the Koolskools website for those who prefer to order online but pick up their orders themselves from Koolskools in Shirley Road.

New Model Beechwood Junior Price List 2019


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