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Letter to Y2

Dear Year 2,

I am writing you this letter to tell you a little bit about Beechwood Junior School because you might be feeling a bit worried about starting without knowing much about the school. When I was in year 2 I was really worried about the Beachwood’s teachers being strict. But when I went there they are not strict they are lovely and I’m always happy to see them. I didn’t go to Beechwood open day but everybody said how big the school is. I was worried I would get lost all the time. You might get lost the first week but there is always teachers and other children to help you. It won’t take you long to settle in. Beechwood is a lovely school and everybody is lovely and cheerful. You are allowed to take your own money into school and buy toast or bagels at break time which is so COOL! If we have packed lunches, we are allowed to sit in the playground with a nice view of the chickens with our friends. We have a choice of two big playgrounds one playground has chickens and fake grass and the other playground has table tennis and a court where you can play football or basketball. We also have an adventure playground area. The teachers always make the lessons fun and the best bit is we are allowed to write in a pen without a pen license! At Glenfield each year has a disco, at Beechwood we have many more and the music is so much louder. We have Halloween fancy dress competition at the Halloween disco. Every Friday afternoon it is golden time I love this. Every term we have something different it could be face painting, colouring, a card club, and lots more fun things. Beechwood gives year 3 a choice if they want to go on a little holiday to Stubbington for a week if they wanted to. I missed out this year because it got cancelled because of the coronavirus but it looks so much fun I hope you get the chance to go. If you enjoy cooking, then you can enter Beechwood’s bake-off it’s good fun and the teacher’s vote. There are lots of different rounds before the final. Don’t forget to join an after school club. It’s free! There are lots to choose from like tennis, dance, golf, colouring, dodge ball. It is a great way of meeting all the teachers and other children in different year groups. I was sad to leave Glenfield but Beechwood is so much better it is a lovely school and you don’t need to worry. Everyone will make you feel welcome.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon




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