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Letter to Y4

Beechwood junior school Juniper Road Bitterne Southampton SO18 4EG
Friday 5th of June 2020

Dear current Y4s,

I am writing to you because I have been told that most year 4 children are nervous about coming straight up into year 5. But there is no need to be nervous because year 5 is an amazing year to be in.

I will start off by telling you what the best things are about year 5. For me going to see holes at the theatre was a magical experience with my classmates. The teachers are also very cheeky because they told us that we were going to play the game capture the flag. But when we went outside there was no flag!! We had been searching for ages…it was for some creative writing so it was worth it in the end! Even though year 5 is a big jump from year 4 the teachers are always there to talk about anything.

You will feel nervous at times but it is ok to feel like this. Like if you apply for sports captain you might not get it. It’s ok though because I know some people that applied for everything possible and they did not get any. But do not fear year 5 is also fun! There are things that you can do that you could not do in Year 3 or 4 like after school clubs. There are so many and it is a great way to meet new teachers and children at Beechwood.

I hope this letter has made you less worried about year 5. I know you will have a great time as I did when I was in year 5.



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