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Zoo Lab workshop on Tuesday 15th January 2019

3rd December 2018

Dear Parents / Carers

After Christmas, we will start our next topic on Rainforests. As part of this topic, we want to make sure the children are accessing as much information as possible about the rainforests to help with their understanding.

Zoo Lab is a company that will bring real animals that live in the rainforest into school. The children get the chance to see, touch and handle animals, and to understand more about them.  Children get to go on a journey through the rainforest – with real rainforest animals and a ranger who knows the rainforest inside out.  It’s all about experiencing the drama of the rainforest – from the dark forest floor to the dizzy heights of the emergent layer! Children will learn about plants and get to meet a range of animals from ground-dwelling snails, ‘travelling’ snakes and canopy-dwelling tree frogs!  They’ll get to learn all about the layers of the rainforest as well as looking at rainforest location, weather and rainforest destruction.

The cost will be £5.00 per child for the Zoo Lab workshop on Tuesday 15th January 2019. We hope this will be a fantastic workshop which will help the children get a first-hand experience of life in the rainforest.

Yours sincerely

Year 3 Team

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