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Life at doggie day care!

Mrs Cotton said that lots of you ask her what I am doing during the day now that I’m not at school so I thought I would show you a few pictures – it’s basically what I used to only get to do at the weekends before but now I get to do it all week too!

Digging holes and eating the dirt with my friend Pretty:


Running through the forest and seeing if I can fly if my ears flap enough:


Pond dipping in the New Forest streams and puddles with my pals:

Hanging out with my friends of all shapes and sizes. Here, we’re practising being cute so we can get some treats:

Resting after all my walks:

The best thing happened the other Friday, it was Children in Need day so Mrs Cotton bought me a hot dog from a charity stall! I didn’t time it but she said I ate it in about 5 seconds flat!

Anyway, I’m off to France for half term – apparently we’re going in a train that goes under the sea, I don’t really understand it but I’ll let you know how I get on! Have a good Easter and if you’ve got a dog, keep your chocolate away from them as it’s bad for them and as Mrs Cotton says, too yummy to share!

Catch you soon, Winston 


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