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At long last…my first blog!

So, where do I start? What a wonderful time I am having!! I’ve been meaning to write and tell you everything I’ve been doing for ages but I keep getting distracted by fun things like breakfast club, walking with each class, hiding in Mrs Cotton’s cupboard, playing in my new fenced area (where I love to hide things in the bushes so you humans can’t get them!!) and of course eating which is one of my favourite ever things to do!



Playing hide and seek...

Playing hide and seek…

She'll never find me in here!

She’ll never find me in here!

I know I was a little scared when I first started at Beechwood in September but now because you’ve all been really kind and nice to me, I feel right at home! To start with I was very confused by all of the corridors and rooms in school plus I just couldn’t understand why everyone was so excited to see me; I’m just a puppy! Mrs Cotton and Mrs Hamilton spent a long time helping me get used to things and I made sure I gave them extra licks to say thanks. They took me into every class so I could be nosey and see every small human. Most of them wanted to see me but a couple were a little bit scared so they didn’t. That’s ok with me though because I know what it’s like to be scared of new things. Maybe one day they come and see me and see that I’m just a big ball of fluff really.

I thought I should share some of my favourite things that I did last half term and one of them was the science day. I really liked it when everyone was dressed up because some of the small humans looked really funny! Mrs Cotton tried to make me look like them and put on a lab coat but I wasn’t having any of that and got it off straight away! I’m a dog not a scientist! I’ve heard a rumour about a Winston calendar that Mrs Marsh, Mrs Cotton and Mrs Hamilton have been plotting about but I think I probably won’t wear any of the costumes they choose for that either…unless there is a heavy reward of dog treats involved. I’m not too fussy; sweet potato, carrot, yoghurt, peanut butter, broccoli stalk or liver cake will do.

My favourite beanbag in 6T!

My favourite beanbag in 6T!

Another thing I really loved last half term was going into assembly to show off how good I was at puppy class! I’ve graduated now so I’m in the adult class with some of the big dogs but I think I’m just as good as them and if I do mess up, it’s normally Mrs Cotton’s fault because she wasn’t listening to the instruction. I like my new class because it’s not all about teaching me to behave – why do adults want us to behave all the time?! Where’s the fun in that?! I get to also do some agility which is jumping over the hurdles, zooming through the tunnel and climbing up and over the A frame. I can’t believe I get to do all this and then at the end, I get paid in treats for it! It’s so good being a dog!

Can you find my puppy award on the board?

Can you find my puppy award on the board?

My certificate!

My certificate!


Pretending to be good to please the humans...maybe I'll get something good to eat...

Pretending to be good to please the humans…maybe I’ll get something good to eat…

Anyway, I’ve been very upset to hear that this week the small humans have been decorating cookies and not a single one has brought me one – something to do with, ‘Too much sugar!’ I heard Mrs Cotton saying. She’s such a spoil sport. I did however get to wear my Pudsey ears and my Superman costume when I visited Year 3 on Friday to celebrate the having won the lower school attendance last week. I wonder who will get it next?

As much as I would like to, I can’t sit here on my bed typing on and on, a dog’s got to get on with what a dog’s got to get on with – mainly eating, playing and sleeping upside down with my belly hanging out – so I’ll be off! Until next time humans…. Winston x

Watching the ducks go by...

Watching the ducks go by…

Catch you later!

Catch you later!



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