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Mental Health Awareness Day 11th October

Dear parent/carer,

In support of National Mental Health Awareness Day, we are going to be taking the children in Year 3 to Glenfield’s Woodland Area on Friday 11th October. This will be in small groups to spend some time in a natural environment. Each group will walk to Glenfield carrying their buckets to sit on, spend 20 minutes in the natural environment exploring and then walk back to Beechwood.

For your child to take part, you will need to provide them with a full change of clothes, including shoes. The clothes must include full-length leggings or trousers and a jumper. These clothes may get wet and muddy so please include clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. In case of rain, please make sure your child has a waterproof coat at school that they can wear. When your child returns to school they will get changed back into their original school clothes.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,

The Year 3 team.


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