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Mes vacances en france!

Bonjour mes amis! As I said in the last blog, I was soon to be off to France for the Easter holidays so I thought it was about time I let you know what I’ve been up to and how I got on in the tunnel under the sea! As you can see I was very excited for my holiday…

When we left home, we had a 2 hour journey to Folkestone which is on the south east coast of England and where you get on the Eurotunnel to France! I was so excited and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we first got to the terminal as there was a dog playground!! There was a tunnel, a few jumps, some weaves and some friends for me to play with.

In total, it was an eleven hour journey in the car but I loved it and I watched it all out of the window – I didn’t dare shut my eyes and sleep in case I missed something exciting. I still don’t understand how the tunnel goes under the sea without the water getting in but I didn’t even get to paddle!!! Have you even been?

When we were in France, we visited some nice villages with lots of different sniffs and one even had a river with ducks in it – unfortunately for me I was on the lead so I couldn’t swim or chase!

For the rest of the time, I either chilled out by the fire or outside in the sunshine – it was lovely!

I also met a sort of friend called Chocolat, she’s a chocolate ladbrador who lives up the road but she is a little bit older than me and wasn’t too keen on making new acquaintances but I’ll work on our friendship next time…

Catch you soon, Winston


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