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My birthday sleepover!

On 3rd May, it was my birthday! I couldn’t believe I was going to be three already – do you know how many years that is in dog years? What do you think: 10, 19 or 28? Keep reading until the end to find out just how old I am in human years…

I bet you do all sorts of fun stuff to celebrate your birthday and it’s no different for dogs, you know? This year I was very excited because I was allowed to pick a friend to come and stay. It was such an easy decision as I could, of course, only pick my bestest, cutest, fluffiest friend: Pretty! She is also the prettiest as her name suggests!

Mrs Cotton sent an invite to Pretty’s mum to see if she wanted to come and more importantly to see if she was allowed to:

I was very nervous waiting for the response but I needn’t have bothered! Turns out she thinks I’m her bestest, cutest, fluffiest friend too and she couldn’t wait to come to my birthday sleepover!

When she arrived, I was beside myself with excitement and ran round and round and round the kitchen barking excitedly! Mrs Cotton had to tell me to be quiet as I was upsetting my cat brother, Diesel, who had ran off upstairs to hide – probably under the bed like cats do! When I run upstairs, I don’t bother going under the bed, I go straight for Diesel’s food – for some reason, it always tastes better than mine!

Speaking of food, as it was my birthday, I was allowed my favourite food: scrambled eggs!! Lucky for me, Mr Marsh is kind enough to give some to Mrs Cotton for me and she does something wonderful to them in the microwave which makes the whole room smell of pure delight…


I did share some with Pretty (it would be rude not to as she was a guest) but I definitely wasn’t sharing with Diesel.


Lucky we had eggs really as we went for a very long walk in the forest during the evening – Pretty loves to chase the birds and I love to go in muddy puddles (as you know!) so we were both happy and tired!

I was shattered the day after my birthday sleepover and actually a bit sad that Pretty had to go home but it is just as well I have my friend Dave for company and I also got a present from Mrs Hamilton. I LOVE opening presents!!


So, what sort of thing do you get up to on your birthday? Do you celebrate with a run in the forest and eat scrambled eggs too? If not, you’re missing out!

Catch you soon, Winston

P.s. I’m 28 in human years! Maybe my hair will turn grey soon…


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