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My first Christmas!

Sorry I haven’t written for a while but I’ve been very busy over Christmas and New Year! Would you like to hear all about it? Well get yourself comfy and I’ll tell you all about it…

I was a bit confused on the first Monday of the holidays when we didn’t get up and go to school early. It was even stranger when Mrs Cotton spent the ¬†whole day in her pyjamas – just embarrassing really when the post man came to deliver more of my Christmas cards! We spent lots of the days going out to the forest so I could get ‘tired out’ as Mrs Cotton calls it – I’m not sure why she calls it that as I just have a little nap when I get home and then I’m ready to play again! This was one of my favourite – but spooky – places to go (it’s called West Wellow):

20161230_101311 20161230_110607

For Christmas, we went away to a hotel where we stayed and I loved it! I even got to sleep on the chair and get on the bed. At home, I’m not even allowed upstairs so I was very excited!! The hotel was fancy and Mrs Cotton was worried I might make a mess or get into trouble – I don’t know why she thinks that, I am always well behaved… I also loved the hotel because it had a massive Christmas tree and a nice garden for me to play in.

20161225_075053 20161224_165943 20161224_171023 20161224_193503 20161224_230012


On Christmas Day, we went to the forest again so Mrs Cotton could try and tire me out so they could have Christmas lunch in peace. When we got back, I got lots of presents which I really enjoyed opening – especially the ones I got to eat! I was even lucky enough to have already had some of my presents before school finished – thanks Freddie in 5F!


When we left the hotel on Boxing Day, we went to the beach so I could play in the water which I really liked even though I did get a bit scared of the big waves!



I had such a lovely time at Christmas that when it was time for New Year’s Eve, I just slept like this!


Anyway, I have to go and nap again. I’m not sure about you but I found the first day of school exhausting!! Catch you later humans, Winston x


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