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My latest adventure…

Hi all! I know I haven’t written for two weeks but I have just been too busy to put paw to keyboard! I thought you might like to see what I got up to when you had a day off and the teachers had an INSET day…just don’t tell Mrs Cotton as she thinks I was asleep in my crate 😉 You won’t tell her, will you?

The last few weeks have been fun at lunchtime too. Not only have I been going on my normal walks but sometimes I have been lucky enough to see some of my friends and go up to hum hole. This is when I went walking with Mrs Baker who said I am the sniffiest dog she has ever met – I’m not sure what else she thinks dog walks are for!

Then, the other day, I went with Mrs Antrobus and her dog Izzy. She’s really cute and we’re friends but I think deep down she loves her ball more than me…

I also had great fun when I did my latest assembly and showed off how clever I am. It was good fun going round on the bucket and over the bench. Mrs Cotton makes me wait for things but I know what she’s going to ask so I wish she’d just stop talking and give me the treats! Adults eh?! We didn’t get any pictures of the assembly but hey, you were all there so you know what it looked like!

Anyway, I’m off to see if Mrs Cotton will give me my dinner. I’ve been practising my cutest face – what do you think? Do you think she will fall for it? I’ll let you know how I get on…



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