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My latest adventures!

Just a quick blog to let you know what I have been up to… where should I start?

How about the most fun bit? Well, a couple of weeks ago Mrs Cotton went away for her birthday to a hotel and I got to go too!! Not only that, I got to lay on the bed and choose what I wanted to watch on the TV. At home, I’m not even allowed upstairs – because I always eat the cat food – so I couldn’t believe it! It was all going so well until I had to share the bed with Mrs Cotton…


We also did lots of walking that weekend and my favourite was at a place called the South Downs – there was one place where lots of pheasants allowed me to chase them! I say they allowed me to but I never actually asked.. It was so much fun – even if Mrs Cotton didn’t think so…


After the weekend, I was very tired but I have been busy hosting assemblies all about me (my favourite topic!) and choosing the tidiest classroom. Well done to 5W for being the tidiest classroom in the whole school by far! I can’t wait to come and see you all next week.

Anyway, got to go now as I have my golden time club in a minute and I better practise pretending I don’t know what to do (just so I get lots of treats when they think I have learned something new!)

See you all soon, Winston   



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