We all have different feelings at different times.

This shows some great work done on feelings by a child in Y3. How are you feeling right now? If you are worried, what could you do to help?

This work rocks!

What does your graffiti emotions wall look like?

Do you know how many days are in each month?

If not, watch this very catchy video to learn them!  

The irony of plastic…

A superb poem all about plastic and the damage it can cause…

Home schooling with a difference!

Followed by a lovely walk!   And some baking!

Whopping whale poetry!


What’s the time Mr Wolf?!

In 3R, they made these excellent clocks to help with telling the time!  

Welcome to Y3!

Letters from the current Year 3’s welcoming the new children in September!  

Preparations for re-opening the school – Parental Information

Preparations for re-opening the school – Parental Information Opening of school: On 2nd June the school will reopen for children of keyworker parents who have already arranged a place for their child at the school.  For this first week, they will be in for Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th June. In order to maintain safety for all pupils and staff, and to
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