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Playing a Musical Instrument in Year 4

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Playing a Musical Instrument in Year 4

As you are aware your child has had a taste of what it is like to learn 3 different musical instruments this year as part of the Sound Bites project. I am currently sorting out music lessons for next year and I need to know how many children would like to continue to learn an instrument.  If enough children want to continue to learn I can buy a teacher in from the music service and your child will get a 20 minute lesson once a week in a group of 4 at a cost of £45 per term. If there are only a few children who want to continue then you will be able to buy lessons directly from the music service. The lessons will probably be in a smaller group but the cost will be £80 per term. The lessons will take place during school time.

Your child can choose to learn either: the violin, flute, clarinet, or guitar. (Other instruments including the keyboard might be available directly from Southampton Music Service.) They will be expected to take their instrument home and practice in between lessons. If they don’t do this they won’t make progress and they will soon get bored and stop. Learning to play an instrument is very rewarding but it is hard work and requires determination and staying power.

The alternative to weekly lessons in a small group is for your child to join one of our music clubs. There are two clubs, violin and guitar, which run after school on Wednesday until 4pm.  These clubs will have up to 20 children who will learn together and the cost is £10 per term. Your child will still get an instrument and they will be expected to practice at home in between the sessions. The clubs will run for the whole year but children will need to demonstrate sufficient commitment and progress in order to keep their place. The clubs are filled on a first come first served basis. We also run a small cello club on a Tuesday lunchtime. The children in this club will have a 30 minute lesson in a group of 8-10 children taught by a cello teacher from the music service. The cost is £10 per term and is subsidised by the Friends of Southampton Orchestras. The aim of this group is to train the children up so they can reach a standard where they can join one of the city orchestras. In order to reach this standard they will need to practice regularly at home between lessons.

Please will you complete the slip below to let me know what you and your child would like to do and return it to me via your child’s teacher by Friday 20th May.  I will contact you after half term to let you know if there are enough children wanting to continue for me to be able to buy in a teacher or whether you child has managed to get a place in one of the music clubs.

Yours faithfully,

Jill Gardner

Assistant Head (Inclusion) and Music Leader


Letter to Year 3 parents about continuing lessons in Year 4. 3.5.16


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