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Preparations for re-opening the school – Parental Information

Preparations for re-opening the school – Parental Information

Opening of school:

On 2nd June the school will reopen for children of keyworker parents who have already arranged a place for their child at the school.  For this first week, they will be in for Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd, and Thursday 4th June.

In order to maintain safety for all pupils and staff, and to comply with government guidance, we will then need to continue to limit pupils and restrict school hours until the guidance changes. Therefore, until further notice, the school will be open only Monday to Thursday each week for those children of critical workers who have booked places at the school.

There will be 10 children per class, with the same teachers each day. Each class will operate as an isolated ‘bubble’ (like a household unit) for the time they are in school.  This will mean that they do not mix with pupils or staff from other ‘bubbles. They may not have their usual class teacher nor be in their usual classroom.  We will send out a list of children and their classes as soon as it has been organised.

Children do not have to wear school uniform.  Please ensure they shower and change their clothes when they get home and that these are washed daily.  They should not wear the same thing the next day.

There will be no 1:1 support for SEN children due to staffing numbers.

Start of the day:

There will be no breakfast club available for children. We will be having a staggered start time to the day:


Year 6 children will enter through the adventure playground

Year 4 children will enter through the reception doors.


Year 3 children will enter through the adventure playground and into the Year 3 doors

Year 5 will enter through reception

Please ensure that you adhere to these times as if they are late/early you will be asked to wait away from the school site until an appropriate time allows for your child to be taken into school.  There will be demarcated areas on the playground for you to stand and wait.  Please ensure you observe social distancing at all times.

Your child’s temperature will be taken as they enter school.  If it is above normal (i.e. 37.5-38degrees Celsius) you will be asked to take your child home.

Children will only be allowed to bring in their packed lunch and water bottles.  They do not need to bring bags, pencil cases, or anything else into school.  Everything will be bought up to the classrooms with them at the start of the day.

The children will not be able to bring mobile phones into school for any reason.

Please ensure that only 1 person enters the playground to drop off or pick up your child and that you observe social distancing.

Please ensure that you do not enter the school for any reason.  If you have a message you can speak to a member of SLT/office in the playground at the start of the day or please email/telephone the school office.  Please do not send money into school.  If anything does need to be paid this will need to be done online.  Any medicines will need to be placed on a table in the playground which will then be wiped with an antibacterial wipe.  You can give a verbal signature to medicines being allowed to be given to the member of staff on duty.

End of the day:

Again this will be staggered so please ensure you are not late for any reason:


Year 6 out through adventure playground.

Year 4 out through reception.


Year 3 out through Year 3 doors into adventure playground

Year 5 out through reception.

There will be no after school clubs offered to children.

Breaktimes and lunchtimes:

These will be staggered and children will need to practice the social distancing rules.  Toast or bagels will be provided, free of charge, to every child at break time.

Unfortunately, the water fountains and benches in the playground will be out of use.  It is really important to remember to send a water bottle into school with your child.


There will be no cooked lunches offered.  Unfortunately, we do not feel that we can observe social distancing in the dining hall.  All children and staff will be asked to bring in a packed lunch.  Families who would normally receive free school dinners will still receive their vouchers.  Please ensure that you do not send any nuts of any kind in lunch boxes e.g. peanut butter due to any possible allergies children may have.

If the weather is nice the children can eat outside.  If the weather does not permit this, then they will eat in their assigned spaces in the classroom.

In the classroom:

Please spend some time with your child explaining that when they come back to school things will be very different and go through social distancing, hand washing etc. with them.  We will be doing this when they come back but it is important that they are prepared as teachers will be also observing social distancing at all times.  We will, of course, make sure that we handle the children sensitively and with care and will ensure that there are PSHE sessions to help them deal with how different things are.  If a child is not able or willing to follow the social distancing rules then I am afraid, for the health and safety of all others in the classroom, they will not be able to attend school.

The children will have their own assigned seat in the classroom and all their own equipment.  There will be no sharing of equipment.  Unfortunately, due to the risk of cross-contamination, the IT equipment will not be available for children to use.

They will be following a similar timetable as suggested for our home-learning pupils in the ‘Online Class’ section of our school website.  In addition, we will be covering PSHE, Sex and Relationships and transition work in preparation for the Year 6 children moving on to Secondary school.

When the children leave or enter the classroom they will be using antibac.  They will also wash and dry hands before and after eating and after using the toilet.  They will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

More regular cleaning of the school will be undertaken both during and at the end of the day.


If someone becomes unwell at school:

–       If anyone becomes unwell at school, they will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 7 days. The rest of their household should self-isolate for 14 days.

–       while awaiting collection, the child will be taken to the medical rooms


–       All staff and pupils in schools have access to a test and should be tested if they have symptoms. Parents will be able to use the 111 online coronavirus service.

If a person tests negative:

–       If your child tests negative, they can return to school and the fellow household members can end their self-isolation.

If a person tests positive:

–       If the child tests positive, the rest of their class or group within their bubble at school will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that bubble do not need to self-isolate unless the child they live within that group subsequently develops symptoms.

–       The school will close for 24 hours and conduct a thorough deep clean

–       if more than one person in school is confirmed as a positive case the Trust will be informed and advice taken from Public Health England.

If a child is ill for any other reason they will be sent to the medical room.  The office staff will use PPE equipment at all times when dealing with any child for a medical reason.

Preparations for reopening of school – Parent information


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