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Rock Challenge Rehearsals From January until 5pm

Hi All

Important announcement: From January the Rock Challenge Rehearsals will be going on until 5pm. Amazingly we only have 6 weeks of rehearsals after Christmas before the performance! In order to try and get the performance polished in time the choreographer would like the rehearsals to run for an extra half an hour. If that is going to cause major problems for anyone please let me know. In view of this it would probably be a good idea to send your child in with an extra snack to keep them going on rehearsal days.

Fund Raising

We are going ahead with the raffle at the two Christmas Concerts. Please can you send in something that would be suitable for a Christmas Hamper. I am happy to collect any donations at the end of the rehearsal when you come to pick up; or just send it in with your child, who can bring it to me or give it in to the office. (I promise the chocolate won’t get eaten!!) Thank you very much to the parent who was the first to arrive with a generous raffle donation today.

We are also going to have a cake sale but this won’t be until January. I will let you know the date once it is decided.


Thank you very much to those parents who came to the costume meeting today. We are building the team and everyone is working really hard to make sure that all the children have a costume to wear.

If you child is one of the Wallies please can you let me know what size clothes you would normally buy for them.

If you child is one of the witches or vampires please can you let me know if you happened to find a suitable costume over Halloween. If so, please can you bring it in next week so that we can have a look at it. If anyone else has a costume that you think might be suitable for this scene and you are happy to lend it to us, please can you also let me know. We do already have hats and wigs for the witches and teeth for the vampires.

Many thanks

Jill Gardner


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