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So, 3 weeks ago, this happened…

Can you believe it?! I’ve now got a sister! She’s called Doris and is 5 so she’s a bit older than me but obviously not as smart – I haven’t seen her do a single trick yet!

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it to start with: she kept stealing my bed, trying to eat my treats, taking my cuddles, stealing my toys and doing a strange dance when she was excited! It was all very odd. But three weeks in and I’ve got used to her a lot more plus she seems to have settled in and I suppose she now understands the language better. I forgot to tell you she’s from Romania, so I suppose she didn’t really understand what Mrs Cotton or I were saying for a while…

Anyway, better go to check she’s not back on my bed or sniffing out my treats! Have a great summer everybody!



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