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Sofia has been busy doing a variety of things

Sofia has been busy doing a variety of things. We’ve been on lots of walks, she took the lead in navigating the hill walk I’ve included a photo of, and on another, she found a branch which looked like the magic stick used in the film Onward – so she cast some spells on us (pictures also included).  She enjoyed the work on Mary Anning, I’ve included her story map and she enjoyed making fossils from clay (we had to deviate slightly from the youtube instructions as we didn’t have the equipment) as well as the volcano experiment which I think she did at least three times! She has been baking quite regularly, making scones and cakes and most of the time does it completely independently only asking for assistance with the oven. Sofia continues to complete all five sets of 5 a day questions in one sitting and writes the time it takes her to do them alongside her answers. She’s always keen to do the Maths or Science work first and needs quite a bit of encouragement to do any sort of writing. We’re doing activities related to the Gold Maths Sheriff book and she loves Roman Numerals! Every weekday she plays Minecraft with her brother and grandfather (remotely) and is really good at navigating using the map, constructing buildings and using all the other various tools in the game (which I don’t really know much about) and often builds a den covering almost the entire living room! She recently had a video chat with one of her friends which was lovely because she’s really missing the social aspect of the school. We’ve recently got a new paddling pool which she very much enjoys swimming about and relaxing in!

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