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There’s nothing better than a good book on a Wednesday morning!

I love books and I love reading! There, I’ve said it! You might think it’s unusual for a dog to enjoy reading (and to be honest, I’m not very good at it yet) but I really do love the wonderful adventures hidden inside a good book. I especially love being read to so I couldn’t believe my luck this week when I was lucky enough to have been invited to Year 3 and a Read Write Inc session…

The children were really very welcoming and couldn’t wait to tell me all about the book they have been reading: one of the main characters is a dog called Ned. I felt really sorry for him as he has a bad leg in the story and has to visit the dreaded vets – I’m sure you all know how much dogs don’t like going to the vets! I don’t know if you have ever been to the vets with your pet but when I go, I just find the whole place has the most horrid smell and then a strange person tries to trick you with treats before prodding and poking you – have they never heard of personal space?!

Anyway, I’ve got sidetracked so back to the lovely time I had today at RWI. First off, the children read to me as a whole group and I loved the story, turns out Ned gets some cream put on him which makes his leg better. After this, some of the children read to me individually which I really liked too as they were so clear and have obviously been practising. The best bit was when they all read out the word, ‘Crash!’ with such enthusiasm that I nearly fell off my chair!


So, alongside my visit to RWI, I am still enjoying reading the Detective Nosegoode books.


They’re really good and include a dog called Cody who can talk! I wish I could talk and that way I wouldn’t have to rely on writing my blog – I could just tell you all what I have been up to instead. Can you imagine that? I could just tell you when I need a belly rub or if I’m feeling lonely and want to go to the park to see some of my friends. In fact, even better than that – I would no longer have to stand next to my food cupboard at home and simply hope that Mrs Cotton gets the hint…instead I could actually tell her when my tummy is rumbling and I need my dinner! Hmm…I must look into this idea further….right after I have had a good sleep as all this reading and talk of food has made me tired.

Catch you later, Winston 

P.s. All of the Detective Nosegoode stories are in the library if you’d like to read about Cody the talking dog and all of his mysterious adventures.


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