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To the lucky person who is coming to Beechwood, 

To the lucky person who is coming to Beechwood,

Do you realise how lucky you are ?!

I am Ethan and I am going to tell you the most important facts about Beechwood Junior School!

Times are a little bit weird at the moment due to the CoronaVirus (COVID 19) so you have unfortunately not had the chance to visit this amazing school 🙁 So, I am here to talk you through it.

It’s big! But don’t be scared this makes it pretty cool. We have 3 playgrounds – 2 adventure playgrounds and 1 normal playground where the chickens are ?- we will talk more about these later on. There are 2 floors at Beechwood but it is really easy to find your way around, but just in case you do get lost everyone is really nice and helpful and they will help you get to where you need to be. Also always walk on YOUR left side of the halls.

Now onto the food – why the food you ask?, Well, questions about food and water were the most asked questions from the transition 2019!

So, the food at Beechwood I think is really tasty and we have our own trademark toast. Beechwood toast is what we call it. It’s amazing!

The lunches are really nice or you can bring your own food from home and when it is nice you can sit outside.

We have water fountains around the school and you get a free personal bottle at the beginning of term but you have to keep it safe

Before we get into the school lessons and teachers – thankfully, the teachers are nothing like those in the book The World’s Worst Teachers by David Walliams. It’s just his imagination – this and other great books can be found in the Library of the school.

Let’s talk about the teachers. Don’t tell them but they are all pretty cool. They have good ideas and are helpful. Things are different due to COVID 19 but we are learning through you-tube videos and weekly work projects. We even had a postcard with some of the teachers dressed as Minions! they are always there to help.

We have done some interesting subjects like the Tudor’s, we do Maths Sheriff and Times Tables Rock Stars. We have been on a school trip and we were also due to go to Stubbington Outdoor Learning Centre which would have been great but had to be cancelled due to COVID 19.

I mentioned earlier the chickens …  Some classes have pets! There are 2 Guinea Pigs called Pop and Corn and the school also has 6 chickens.

There are some really cool after school clubs which are all free.

You can choose from Board Games, Dodgeball, Netball, Lego club, football and adventure playground club, and many more.

All in all, it’s a great school and I have made some great friends and learned a lot.

Just one more thing there is a surprise on Fridays in the afternoon and I am not going to tell you about it here, but you will soon find out for yourself – but it is awesome …

I know you are really going to enjoy Beechwood and I hope this letter has helped during these strange times.

Come find me in the playground and give me a socially distanced high five(*sniggers*)

Stay safe,

Your friend,

Ethan Constantine.


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