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Useful Links for Students

Dear Parent/Carer

Below are some useful FREE links for your children while they are off school.

David Walliams has Elevenses with the World of David Williams Books every 11.00am for a month. Here>


Carol Vorderman’s The Maths Factor is also allowing children to use her website for free. Here>

Lock horns during the lockdown


These 100 ‘shorts’ are divided into 3 playlists: Age 4-7, 8-11, and 11-16. They provide a perfect introduction to philosophy for younger and older children alike, modelling discussion and argument through colourful, fun characters and irresistible questions.

Use at home

To use with children at home, simply press play. Afterwards, ask them for their opinion. Do they agree with Spot or Stripe and why? Do they have another angle on the question? Fun conversation can be enjoyed as a family, or with two more siblings talking together. It can be fun for parents to take the opposite point of view for the sake of argument.




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