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Winston’s update!

Woof all!

Just me with a quick update – I have been SO busy this week with getting back into the swing of things!

A few fun things happened this week… I had to judge the tidiest classroom which was tough but I decided on 3G in the end as their floor was so spotless, I could have eaten my dinner off of it!! I’ll be visiting them next week for their reward!

I also went to the library with Mrs Cotton and Jack in Year 5 read a funny book to me called, ‘Snog the frog.’ It was a good book which had lots of rhyming in it but I don’t think the frogs in the forest would like it if I tried to kiss them – what do you think?

So, it’s been a fun week but I did get a bit scared when I went on the playground and too many people huddled round me so I hid behind Mrs Cotton. She said she is going to remind people that if there is more than two people around me and stroking me, I can get a little scared. Do you think you could try and remember that too? I really like it if you ask to stroke me and then stroke me under my chin gently, that’s my favourite!

Anyway, life as a school dog is tough so I’m off to do this for the rest of the day! Catch you later, Winston¬†


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