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Wowser, I’m tired!

I don’t know about you but I am so tired after my first week back to school! I have found it hard to get up every day and get to school on time but it’s been so much fun seeing everyone again, meeting the new year 3 children and being made such a fuss of – which you know I love! Mrs Cotton told me that each class has been busy learning all about each other during ‘This is us’ week so I thought I would tell you all about my summer holiday – it was great!

To start with, I was a little confused as we normally get up really early and I have my breakfast but on the first day, Mrs Cotton got up later, we got to be a bit lazy and she then something magical happened – she made me a special breakfast… she covered my biscuits with banana and yoghurt = delicious! I gobbled it all up and then went back to sleep. I thought to myself, ‘Hey, I’m going to settle into this holiday quite easily I think! Right after I have had a little nap that is…’


Nearly every day, we went walking in the New Forest or playing down at the beach but some days we just chilled out indoors and I was even allowed on the sofa when Diesel, my cat brother, would let me up. I didn’t even mind it when Mrs Cotton went on holiday as I got to spend time with my friends and go to the forest every single day! I could play in the muddy puddles and eat as much horse poo as I liked! Here are some pictures Mrs Cotton took (she’s ALWAYS making me pose and I get bored but I do it… if there’s a good reward up for grabs!)



    I even found some seaweed!!

Oh, I forgot to say but one day I did this to Mrs Cotton’s cross stitch stuff. She told me off as she didn’t seem to believe that I was trying to help her… I couldn’t help getting all tangled; my feet were too fluffy to thread the needle!

Then something great happened on another day – all of this paper stuff starting coming through the front door so I got to play with some of it whilst Mrs Cotton was upstairs…

Anyway, enough about my summer holiday. I’m back to school now and I’ve been told that I need to start behaving myself again and concentrate on my learning so I better get to sleep now! Catch you later, Winston 

P.s. I’m really looking forward to walking at lunchtime with 6B next week and meeting my new Golden Time Club friends! I wonder who they will be….





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