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Yappy New Year!

Where did Christmas go? I don’t know about you but to me it feels like Christmas was a long time ago! I have been so busy getting back into the swing of things that I forgot to tell you what I got up to over Christmas…

I got lots of Christmas cards – thank you if you sent me one!

I went to the groomers and got some Christmas treats and even a Christmas card with myself on it! Mrs Cotton seemed to really like this – I don’t really know why, she sees the real thing every day!

I went out a lot and messed up my new hairdo!


I watched some Christmas TV:

I pretended to be a Christmas angel:


Oh, of course, I also got lots of presents which I opened myself – it’s my second Christmas now so I know what it’s all about! I even helped Mrs Cotton open some of hers but she didn’t seem to think it was very helpful.


I even went swimming on Christmas Day!

Anyway, it’s Sunday night so I better go to bed early before school tomorrow! Catch you later, Winston 


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