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Y3 Showcase

Letters from the current Year 3's welcoming the new children in September!        
Make sure you pop him back!
Click here to read about Mary Anning
When you manage to get under 6 seconds and are SO excited!!
 Click here to find out how fossils are formed! 
Inspired by a Sarah MacIntyre' Grumpycorn' tutorial.  
Every day this child reads a new book to her grandma over the internet. Who would you read to and what would you read?
Click here to see a great science experiment with the help of an adult!
Click here to see some excellent work!
Click here to see a newly learnt bike trick! 
Some great facts about salt water dolphins - how many facts do you know?
Click here to read some interesting facts about Mary Anning's discovery of fossils
Click here to read some great work and find out much more about both Mary Anning and dolphins
A diary in role as a dolphin for the day... And a superb rainbow drawing!
Click here to here the tune and see if you can guess what it is...
Some excellent poetry written about this cute dog: My dog Buddy I wonder if the dollies helped write this one? Click here to read another great...
Some great rewards after having completed all the school work! Well done! Investigating some caterpillars which have just hatched!  
Great to see so many crafty children!
Helping Captain Tom to celebrate his 100th birthday with this special card! Click this link to find out more about Captain Tom: www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52277760
Here's just a few examples of some great maths from Year 3 last week!
Look at all that hard work!
Lots of great learning going on here, both indoors and outdoors!
These are some great examples of the first week of work from just one child in Y3!
This is what happens when you put your mind to it and practise!
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