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Maria has been learning about Japan. She has learned about one of Japan's most famous pieces of artwork called The Great Wave by Hokusai. She...
Please Click on the links below: FLOATING PING-PONG BALLS EXPANDING GASES Poster-All-About-Russia
The Scent of a Killer By Johnny A – H. Introduction Dear Reader, This is my story about WWII. For me it was by far...
Xavier's online homework   Online work by Xavier featuring Tom (sonic) - click on the PDFs of homework to have a look: Hedgehogs Australia Rebeka...
Johny is studying hard and is also looking forward to part 14 of the book! Interesting-Facts-About-India
Tom and Charlotte having got through the 100-word story for a Young Writers Competition and now being put into a published book!
Click this link to see a superb Guide to Tanzania with our very own special presenter!
Click here to see a great marketing campaign for an imaginary charity
Click here to read the rest of the first draft of this great narrative introduction....
Click here to read: Little red lying hood
Have you listened to the story read by Mr Furlong?
Click here to read a great VE Day newspaper
Some really accurate measuring!
Should children only come back to school three days a week? Should there be a computer room in school?
This child in Year 6 melted down old crayons (with the help of an adult) and made them into lego men and lego bricks! Great...
Click here to find out!
Click here to read and have a go at a great rap!
Click here to see the video and decide whether you agree!
Click here to watch the video and see how convincing you think the argument is...
Click here to read an interesting poem entitled: The train
Check out all of the calculations for how much tickets would need to be and how much advertising would cost...
Click here to find out all about evolution and inheritance in creative ways! 
Great examples of science/topic: Super science diagrams  Evolution 
Click here to read my diary - written by a Year 6 child
Click here to read a poignant rap written by a Y6 child.
A missing chapter from The Savage...
Click here to read some tiger facts discovered by a Y6 child! How many did you know?
Click here to read a review of Harry Potter
Click here to read a great leaflet about climate change
Is this your wonderful work?
Have a look for inspiration!
Some very detailed artwork, can you spot whose eye it is?
Some very thoughtful poetry from Y6
What will happen to the group of feline warriors? Click here to find out
Click here to see how you could upcycle a milk carton into something really useful!
Click here to get some great tips and find out how
Would you dare take a ride on the fish bowl flume in Noah's story?
Will you take Nikolaos's advice? Click to see how we can help. Climate Change
Year 6 have been learning about Climate Change and here is an excellent example of what they've been coming up with to showcase their home...
These look delicious! Who knew using your maths skills could be so tasty! Click this link to see the final, finished product! Brownie baking
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